Charleston is Number One... Again!

Condé Nast rates Charleston, SC as America's top city for the fourth year in a row!

Downtown historic Charleston, SC

Downtown historic Charleston, SC

History, food, fun, entertainment, theater, sites, scenery, and weddings! Charleston, SC has it all. For four straight years, this southern hotspot has been rocking out. The down home feel, with the Hollywood appeal not only brings people from across the US, it also has international travelers reveling in its centuries old streets. Read more here >>

A Great Place to get Married!

Charleston's unique fauna, flora, and layout also makes it one of the top wedding destinations in the U.S. as well. Breath taking scenery coupled with amazing attractions draw the top wedding reviews anywhere in the U.S.

Why Lashes and Lace

As Charleston, SC premier beauty shop, Lashes and Lace is a staple of this southern star. We keep this city looking amazing and are the go to parlor for weddings and wedding prep. If you stop in to see what all the Charleston hype is about, be sure to swing by Lashes and Lace for all the accoutrements that coincide with our world number one!

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