Charleston Hair Extensions FAQ

Charleston Hair Extensions FAQ, Charleston Wedding Hair and Makeup Lashes and Lace offers Hotheads Hair Extensions.Hotheads Hair Extensions are human hair, adhesive weft extensions that are applied without the need for tools or heat.They are seamless to the touch and undetectable in your hair once installed.

Charleston Hair Extensions FAQ

Why do most people get hair extensions? There are many reasons that our clients choose to get Hair Extensions.Some just want to change their look, while other have thinning hair and want to look and feel younger.

Am I good candidate for Hair Extensions? Your hair should be at least 3" to 4" long for any fusion application, and it should be healthy enough to hold the extensions. If you’re not sure ask your hair extension specialist. It should be at least 5” in length to put in a weave.

Will you be able to tell I have Charleston Hair Extensions? The most common worries people have are if people will be able to tell if you are wearing Hair Extensions. Provided you choose a style and color that matches your own hair, the extensions will look very natural and no one will know except you.

What should I do to my hair before coming to the salon to have extensions installed? Before coming to the hair salon for your extensions, you should make sure that your hair is clean and free from any oils and build up.  Clean hair will ensure that your hair extensions stay in securely.

How long does it take to get hair extensions? Depending upon the amount of extensions that you want and the method of applying the extensions to your hair, the process can vary from an hour to three hours. 

For more information on Charleston Hair Extensions contact Charleston Bridal Hair and Makeup Lashes and Lace at 843-568-3625.