Charleston Spray Tanning

Charleston Spray Tanning, Charleston’s award winning hair and makeup salon Lashes and Lace also offers Spray Tanning for the convenience of our customers. Lashes and Lace’s uses a state-of-the-art Charleston Spray Tanning system that gives you the perfect tan every time. We are the premier providers of sunless tanning.

Charleston Spray Tanning

The best thing about spending time in the hot sun is the golden-brown tint of your skin. However, studies have linked ultraviolet exposure from the sun and the increased risks for melanoma.Over exposure to dangerous UV rays not only causes cancer it can cause severe skin damage and advanced aging of the skin.

Thankfully, you can get the same golden-brown tint from spray tanning as you would if you were out in the sun for hours. Spray tanning is the safe, healthy, sexy alternative to UV, indoor or outdoor tanning. It will keep you tan and your skin healthy, wrinkle-free and cancer-free.

Charleston Spray Tanning is a great way to get healthy looking sun-tanned skin without unhealthy skin damage from the sun.

Charleston Spray Tanning Tips

Exfoliate before you appointment.It’s best to exfoliate the night before your appointment with a loofah, wash cloth, or scrub.

Do not wear perfume, deodorant, lotion, makeup or jewelry to your appointment.

Wear dark colored loose fitting clothing and flip flops or slides to your appointment.

Do not exercise, sweat, swim, or get wet until your first shower after your spray tan.Doing so may cause you to streak.

Lashes and Lace studio recommends patting yourself dry when you get out of the shower instead of wiping yourself dry.

Due to the high demands of our spray tanning services, an appointment is required for a Charleston Spray Tanning session, to make an appointment visit our website at or call 843-568-3625.