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Charleston Mothers Day Specials | Lashes and Lace, Mother’s Day is one of the days that Lashes and Lace looks forward to the most and it is right around the corner.It’s the perfect reminder to show mom’s how appreciative we are to have them in our lives.

There is something beyond words to express to the person who gave you life.After all, if it weren’t for your mom, you wouldn’t be breathing right now.Our mother is the one who changed our diapers, stayed up late for us and, and made sacrifices so our lives would be better.There are not a lot of people willing to do that, so let her know you appreciate it.

Our mother is a teacher, nurse, a doctor, a counselor, a maid, a chef, a driver, an accountant, and sometimes a maintenance worker all rolled into one. We cannot count every deed our mothers have done to let us live better.

Most of all, a mother never stops giving of herself, pouring out her love, extending that much-needed helping hand, whispering those sorely-needed words of comfort.

It’s time to let mom sit back, relax, and get spoiled.Lashes and Lace is offering the following exclusive Charleston Mothers Day Specials.

Charleston Mothers Day Specials 

Professional cut, conditioning treatment and style regularly $60pp - special price $40pp

Purchase a $100 gift card from us and receive a free spray tanning session ($45 value).

But HURRY, this awesome deal will only be offered through May, so purchase a gift card today for the Mom you love.

At Lashes and Lace we know that there is no greater sacrifice on earth, in our opinion, than making the decision to be a mom. We know how important you are.

Call Lashes and Lace at 843-568-3625 to purchase our Charleston Mothers Day Specials.