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Charleston Hair and Makeup | Celebrity Hair and Makeup, Charleston Hair and Makeup trends are constantly changing. The Hair and Makeup salon of Lashes and Lace Salon keeps up on the latest trends in Hair and Makeup from the catwalk to the latest in celebrity style.  Here are the current trends.

For lips the big trend seems to be colors ranging from tangerine reds, to raspberry, to rosy pink.  It’s a very feminine and flirty look that is incredibly flattering.

In regards to eye makeup, graphic eyeliner is all the hit.   This season liner has gone graphic with straight flicks and angular shapes. This makes the retro obsession instantly more modern, but still super-sexy.

Charleston Hair and Makeup

One of the most popular looks on the runaway this spring in regards to hair is shiny hair.  It’s almost a wet look and glossy look, not to be confused with a greasy look.  From gelled sides to slicked-back roots this flat-to-the-head look works well when it leads into a sleek low ponytail or with loose lengths revealing a contrasting matte texture.

Another popular look is the extreme side parting look.  A deep side part can be smooth and controlled on one side, curled and flirty on the other with the result being a look that's both modern and sexy.

Another way of wearing the extreme side part is by sweeping all the hair back into a casual pony with a side part to add polish.

If you are short on time you can also have a side part plus side pony that is a fast hair fix.  If you want to take the side part to the extreme you side part with a daring undercut, where hair is shaved underneath and left longer on top.

You need to look no further than Michelle Williams to see a side part with the perfect-pixie.  Wearing the side-swept bangs keep the look current.

Charleston Hair and Makeup

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