Makeup Charleston SC | Microbeads From Face Scrubs Ban

Makeup Charleston SC, the sale of products that contain plastic beads or microbeads which can be found in face scrubs, toothpastes as well as body washes are now banned in the state of Illinois. 

Makeup Charleston SC

Years ago companies began putting plastic exfoliating beads into body wash in hopes of greater profits and smoother skin. Since then, billions of plastic beads have polluted our waterways and poisoned fish. Illinois has become the first state to take a stand against the beads.

These microbeads are too small to be sifted out at sewage treatment plants, the consequence is that the small beads end up in the ocean where the plastic, which does not biodegrade, becomes a persistent pollutant ingested by wildlife and toxic to sea organisms.

Hundreds of thousands of microbeads can be found in one beauty product bottle alone. Tens of millions of the tiny microplastic debris are now sitting in the Great Lakes, according to scientists’ estimates.  In addition to polluting the water the beads accumulate other toxic chemicals which are then ingested by fish and end up in the food supply.

Makeup Charleston SC

Other states have discussed it, but Illinois is the first to put action behind words. Environmentalists are hoping that the move by Illinois to ban the sale of facial exfoliators and body scrubs containing microbeads will mark the beginning of the end for the plastic pollutants.

The 5 Gyres Institute has been instrumental in bringing microbead awareness to the forefront. Last year, a group of researchers released a study based on a survey of the Great Lakes region, where “we found high concentrations of micro-plastics, more than most ocean samples collected worldwide,” 5 Gyres co-director Marcus Eriksen said.

L’Oreal, The Body Shop, Colgate-Palmolive, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble are among the companies who have already agreed to phase out the use of microbeads.

Makeup Charleston SC – Hair and Makeup Artist Kacie Faulling

Professional Hair and Makeup Artist Kacie Faulling of Charleston SC advises that if you don’t want to add more microbeads to our waterways steer clear of products that have the words “polyethylene” and “polypropylene” on their labels.

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