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Hair Extension Charleston SC, Hair Extensions are the perfect way to add length and volume to your hair.  If you desire long and thick hair but are unable to grow it naturally, consider Hair Extension Charleston SC.

With Hair Extension Charleston SC  you can know how it feels to have a luscious full head of hair that looks completely natural.  The process of getting extensions put in depends on the length and fullness of your natural hair, the average time ranges from 1-3 hours.

About Hair Extension Charleston SC

Hotheads Hair Extensions are human hair, adhesive weft extensions that are applied without the need for tools or heat.  Hotheads Hair Extensions are uniquely designed to lay completely seamless and undetectable in the hair. Clients will get 8 to 10 weeks of wear from each application reapplied up to 3 times, while still looking and feeling amazing.

Hotheads Hair Extensions are applied by layering them onto existing hair by simply pressing two pieces of high quality, 100 percent human hair in pre-taped strips, sandwiched around a section of your own hair.  The glue used on each inch-and-a-half lock of hair is extremely strong.

The Benefits of Hotheads Hair Extensions are you can know how it feels to have a luscious full head of hair that looks completely natural.  And when it comes time to taking them out, the bond dissolves easily with alcohol and doesn’t cause damage to your hair.  The other benefit is that the extensions lie flat so it is not noticeable as a hair extension.

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If you are interested in learning more about Hair Extension Charleston SC be sure to call our salon or come in to speak with one of our experienced professionals. You owe it to yourself to feel beautiful. Change your appearance for the best.  Call 843-568-3625 for more information or to schedule an appointment or consultation.