Eyelash Extensions Charleston SC | I’m in Love

Eyelash Extensions Charleston SC | I’m in Love, yes, that’s right, I’m absolutely in love with the Eyelash Extensions that I had applied at the Hair and Makeup Salon of Lashes and Lace.  In fact, I can’t believe I waited so long to get them.

Eyelash Extensions Charleston SC

I’ve wanted to try Eyelash Extension for over two years.  Truthfully, I’m not sure what kept me from getting them earlier.  All I know is that two weeks ago, I had had it with the mascara.  It was hot and humid, you know the typical Charleston SC summer weather and all.  Well, I was outside for the day and by mid afternoon my mascara was running down my face.

Enough!  It was time for a change.  A friend of mine told me about Kacie Faulling, the owner of the Hair and Makeup Salon of Lashes and Lace.  Kacie had recently done hair and makeup for her wedding party and she was raving about how glamorous and beautiful everyone looked.

So, I decided there was no better time than the present to try them.  Ok, so my immediate reaction after getting them applied, and oh, let me digress for a moment.  The application of my Eyelash Extensions was so easy and relaxing I almost fell asleep in the chair. 

So back to my reaction, why in the world did it take me so long to decide to get them.  I absolutely loved them!  Eyelash Extensions create an illusion of the eye being more open and wider than it normally is, giving the eyes that "wow" factor.

For someone who could not live without mascara, I love my new lashes simply because when I wake up in the morning, I'm good to go.

And it's perfect for summer because that means no smeared mascara underneath my eyes in the hot, humid weather!

Getting gorgeous long luscious eyelash extension is easy at Lashes and Lace Salon.  To schedule an appointment for Eyelash Extensions Charleston SC contact Kacie at Lashes and Lace at 843-568-3625 or visit our website at www.lashesandlacecharleston.com