Spray Tan Charleston SC | The Sun Prematurely Ages Your Skin

Spray Tan Charleston SC | The Sun Prematurely Ages Your Skin, we all know how wonderful and vibrant the sun makes us feel, however, its rays can damage our skin.  If a suntanned glow is what you are looking for, the Hair and Makeup Salon of Lashes and Lace has the perfect solution for you.

Spray Tan Charleston SC

Opt for sunless options like spray tanning applied with an airbrush machine and performed by a professional technician. Glowing skin shouldn’t age you or cost you your health.

Signs that your skin is aging prematurely are a blotchy complexion and rough, reddish patches of skin seen mostly around the temples and cheeks are indicators of premature ageing. Sun spots, leathery skin texture, and loose and wrinkled skin are also clear indications of prematurely aging skin.

UV radiation, whether from natural or artificial sources, damages the skin.  There is no such thing as a safe tan when it comes to the sun or tanning beds. The increase in skin pigment, called melanin, which causes the tan color change in your skin is a sign of damage. 

When UV rays reach your skin, they damage cells in the epidermis. In response, your immune system increases blood flow to the affected areas.

Spray Tan Charleston SC

If you are looking for a bronze glow without the health risk that comes the sun, spray tanning is an alternative to convention tanning and gives you a beautiful natural-looking tan without the long-term skin damage associated with UV exposure.

At the Hair and Makeup Salon of Lashes and Lace our spray tan is especially designed for those who care about their skin and demand the best nature can provide. Located in Charleston SC we’ve raised the bar in spray tanning.

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