Eye Lash Extensions Available at Lashes & Lace

Eye Lash Extensions In Charleston, SC

At Lashes and Lace, we believe in getting dolled up and feeling beautiful not only on your Wedding Day, but every day. One of our favorite beauty products are Babe Eye Lash Extensions. These extensions make your eyes pop, creating dramatic, bold and gorgeous eye lash look! Can you imagine how much easier getting ready would be without having to worry about mascara? Enjoy lash fullness without mascara with Lashes and Lace Eye Lash Extensions for only $125. With proper care, your extensions will last up to 2 months. 

Start your 2 months of mascara-free, beautiful eyes today! Contact Lashes and Lace today about Eye Lash Extensions in Charleston, SC at (843) 568-3625 or send Kacie a message.