Heated Spray Tans Now Available!

Lashes and Lace wants to take the cold out of getting a spray tan... We're now offering heated spray tans at our studio! 

How Do Heated Spray Tans Work?

You don't have to freeze through your next spray tan session. Heated spray tans are done by infusing a gentle flow of heat into the airbrush tanning technique. Our award winning solution works is 100% organic and works with the natural chemicals in your body to give you the best tan possible! 

Schedule Your Heated Spray Tan Today!

Call us today at 843-568-3625 to schedule your spray tan and experience the luxurious heated technique at our Charleston, SC studio. Whether you've got a big even coming up (wedding, party, or hot date) don't let the cold weather bring you down -- brighten up your skin tone with a great spray tan with our talented makeup artists!