5 Tips To Keep Long Hair Healthy

So many people spend superfluous amounts of money on their hair and most everyone envies those who have gorgeous long locks, curly or straight. Are there secrets that all the people blessed with long healthy hair share? We've collected some tips from our Mt Pleasant hair salon stylists that will help anyone not only improve the look of their long hair, but the feel and overall health as well. 

From Root to Tip

Who has heard of the phrase from ‘root to tip?’ This is for good reason; hair cannot be healthy if the scalp is not healthy. Hair requires quite a bit of energy to go and energy comes from fruits, veggies, and proteins. A sufficient amount of water intake is also imperative for not only digestion and hydration purposes, but also those who constantly consume the proper amount of water daily – their bodies run like well-oiled machines.


Curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair and requires more moisture. This is why those ethnic groups known for straight hair, seem to have a much easier time growing their hair. Some people do not realize how dry hair, is harder to grow. Think about a plant growing in the desert versus the rainforest, naturally, the rainforest will have more flourishing plants while the plants in the desert require a little more tender loving care.


Taking supplements never hurt anybody. Many available on the market today boost hair and nail growth. Keratin and Biotin are the supplements to really keep an eye out for because they offer the most beneficial affects when talking about healthy hair and nails.

Finger Detangling and Trimming Split Ends

It is not necessary to over brush, which is actually damaging. Uses one’s fingers will suffice to detangle – it is gentler on the scalp as well. Another thing, it is not always necessary to get haircuts every 6 weeks either, if a split end is spotted – trim it off! All of these tips will lead to a more natural and beautiful head of hair that costs, little to nothing.

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