Healthy Hair All Summer Long

From humidity and the ocean to chlorine and extra sun, the summer can add extra stress to your hair. Keep your hair healthy through the summer with these tips for our experts in the Mount Pleasant hair salon.

Regular Cuts - On average, regular trims, about six weeks apart can help fight split ends and frizz from those raggedy ends. 

Don't Shampoo Before Swimming - Shampoo strips the hair of essential, protective oil. Chlorine and pool chemicals will be more likely to permeate you hair without the protective oils. Wash after the pool to keep hair soft and healthy.

Deep Conditioning Treatments - Conditioning treatments are helpful in keeping the hair moisturized to fight humidity-fueled frizz and breakage. The top deep conditioning treatments available in our Mt. Pleasant hair salon are.

  • Awapuhi - deep repair of dry, damaged hair
  • Deep Conditioning - leave in solution for dry hair

Don't Put Wet Hair Into A Pony Tail - Wet hair is more susceptible to breakage and damage. Pony tail holders can cause breakage in wet hair. We recommend a loose braid if you need to put it up right away, or just let it air dry if you can!

Avoid Heavy Styling Products - Heavy stylers can accentuate damage from the sun, chlorine or the ocean. Use simple conditioners and avoid anything too heavy to keep hair healing and healthy.

Protect Hair From Wind - Whether you're enjoying the weekends on the harbor, on the beach, or driving down 17 with the top down the wind can wreck your hair. Protect your hair with scarves and hats. Extra points for cute styles. 

Prevent Sun Damage - The sun can also dry out and damage your locks if you let it get too much. Sun damage may include discoloration, brittleness, more split ends, and frizziness. To avoid that, you can use UV Blocking hair spray or sesame oil on your hair to protect from harmful UV rays. Covering your hair with scarves or hats will also help prevent damage.

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