5 Things You're Doing Wrong (With Your Hair)

Keeping your hair healthy is very important! You will look good (and feel good) if you hair is shiny, healthy, and full. There are some things we find our customers doing all the time that is hurting their hair and they don't even know! Follow these steps for healthier hair:

1. Avoiding Trims

To keep you hair healthy, regular trims are essential. Regular trims prevent split ends, keeping the ends of your hair strong and preventing breakage. Learn more about how trims prevent split ends

2. Shampooing Every Day

Shampooing daily strips your hair of essential oils and dries it out. Most people do not have to shampoo every day, they can simply condition their hair and it'll still look great. We recommend using a dry shampoo in between showers if you're feeling greasy.

3. Wearing A Ponytail All Day Every Day

This one might be the hardest habit to break. Wearing your hair in a pony tail or a top knot every day can do serious damage. The pressure of a hair band in the same can cause breakage at that spot. If you've got to wear it up, we recommend switching up your style and wearing braids and looser styles.

4. Brushing While Wet

Your hair is super fragile when it's wet. Brushing wet hair can stretch and break the fragile strands. We recommend being extra gentle with your hair while it's wet, and combing gently with your fingers or a wide toothed comb, not a brush. 

5. Using Too Much Product

Always use the smallest amount of products you can. Products can weigh your hair down and strip it of it's natural oils.

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