Care For Color Treated Hair

At our Lashes and Lace salon in Mt Pleasant, we regularly perform haircuts and coloring for men and women! Coloring hair is an art, which we take very seriously. Your hair color is an extension of who you are, keeping you looking exactly how you want to.

Colored hair requires special attention, and while we only use the highest quality dyes in our salon which is an important first step, there are many more you can take at home to keep colored hair looking great.

Caring For Color Treated Hair

Shampoo With Care - You've heard before that you don't have to shampoo every day, this is also important for dyed hair. Your shampoo can strip away the dye from your hair, so the main thing to do is shampoo less often. If your hair gets greasy in between washes, use a color safe dry shampoo, like these.

Avoid Heat - Another big one is to avoid heat. This includes hot water, heated styling tools like a curling iron, blow dryer, or flat iron, and even the sun. If you have to go for the heat, apply a heat-protectant on your hair before using it. There are also UV-blocking sunscreens for your hair, too. Rinsing your hair in cold water is also surprisingly refreshing - and healthy.

Regular Trims - Regular haircuts are the easiest way to maintain healthy tresses, and same goes for dyed hair. Keep frayed ends, frizziness, and dullness away with a regular appointment in our Mt Pleasant salon.

Conditioning Treatments - Using leave-in conditioners and conditioning treatments can seriously add shine, protect from heated styling products or the elements, and protect the dye. Since we spend so much time in the sun here in Charleston, it's even more important that we're protected from the elements.

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