Beautiful Mani-Pedi Ideas for Brides- Charleston, SC

You’ve got your dress picked out, your hair and makeup team briefed, and everything all set for your big day, but what about your nails? There are so many ways you can use your fingernails and toenails to complement your skin tone, dress, or even wedding color scheme. Here are a few options to consider when you treat yourself to a mani-pedi: 

female legs and hand


French Manicure and Pedicure

Keep it simple and classy with a French manicure and pedicure. With just an elegant white line on your nails, all the attention will be drawn to the ring! Also, this style will look great on any skin tone, with any dress, and with any wedding color scheme!


Go Nude

Again, keeping it simple, you could go for a nude option for both your fingers and toes. This style, too, won’t distract from the ring. Or, you could mix it up and add a pop of color on your fingernails, but keep the nude shade for your toes, or vice versa. Either way, the dash of color could bring some fun into your look, especially if you can coordinate with the rest of the wedding color scheme!



Adding small jewels or glitter to your nails is definitely a great way to be unique, beautiful, and elegant at your wedding. Pair a French manicure with rhinestones at the base of your fingers, put pearls or other gems on certain toes, or pick out a nail or two to accent with glitter.  


Ombre Nails

Instead of going with the stark white line of a French manicure, try fading the color down your nail. You can do ombre nails with just about any color, but fading white into a nude shade is truly the most beautiful option. This style also looks great on just about any nail shape!


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