5 Useful Health and Beauty Products to Take on Your Honeymoon- Charleston, SC

Your wedding is over, all the pictures have been taken, and it’s finally time for your honeymoon. Obviously, you want it to be perfect, so you don’t want to forget any essential products on your trip!

Whether you’re going to Fiji or France, here are 5 useful health and beauty products to take on your honeymoon. 

Sunscreen. No matter where you go, sunscreen is a must. No doubt, you won’t be sitting inside your hotel all day, you’re going to be laying on a beach, exploring bustling European cities, or cruising around the Mediterranean. The best way to ruin your honeymoon is getting a painful sunburn on your first day. Pack a sunscreen that’s 30 SPF or higher to protect your skin!

Your favorite makeup products and makeup remover. Besides your wedding, your honeymoon is a time to splurge! Here is your chance to go for the high-end lipstick to boost your confidence on romantic dinners with your new spouse. Don’t forget the makeup remover! After a long, fun-filled day, you’re going to want to remove any makeup and let your skin breathe. 

Deodorant and/or perfume. Don’t let body odor get the best of you on your honeymoon! Deodorant is an absolute must for any kind of trip. Bring perfume along too for evenings at fancy restaurants or nights out on the town. 

Hair products. You’ll need shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, hair brushes, and anything else you need to style and clean your hair. Your hotel may provide these products, but if you have a special shampoo for your hair type, you wouldn’t want to forget it at home!

Toothbrush/Toothpaste. Avoid bad breath by packing your toothbrush and toothpaste. It’ll help you feel refreshed in the morning and night and keep your teeth clean!


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