Keratin Treatments - Charleston and Mt. Pleasant SC

Keratin Treatments

Keratin treatments are becoming increasingly more popular as time progresses and who wouldn’t love to have natural and luscious hair? There are many different types of Keratin treatment options available at the salon.  Talk to the specialist at Lashes and Lace in Charleston SC to find out which Keratin treatment is best for you.

Ultra-Smooth Keratin Treatment

For those individuals who are looking for natural, smooth and straight hair, you may want to consider the ultra-smooth keratin treatment. Harsh straighteners can leave your hair feeling very dry and brittle over time. This treatment will leave your hair looking and more importantly feeling just absolutely amazing.

Keratin Express Treatments

Keratin treatments can get a little pricey and the express treatment is a solution for those who are more budget conscious. This is typically a quicker treatment that costs less money and all around, is less labor intensive. Remove the frizz and dryness with Keratin express treatments!

No matter which type of Keratin treatment you are looking for, you can definitely expect great results. Keratin treatments are known to naturally:

  • Enhance gloss and shine
  • Repair any type of cuticle damage
  • Prevent hair damage
  • Reduce hair frizz and additional volume that is unwanted
  • No chemicals utilized to straighten or relax hair
  • Treatments are great for all different hair types

Whether you are looking to have your hair done for a big event, party, wedding etc. there are numerous benefits to looking into Keratin treatments. For some hair can become quite unmanageable and while we are trying to help our hair with products that we can purchase at the local stores, we are doing more damage than good. Allow the professionals at Lashes and Lace to pamper you and your hair so you can look as beautiful as possible.