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The Facts About Salon Color Corrections


salon color corrections

When it comes to the health of your hair, the last thing you want to do is rely on myths. Knowing the facts about salon color corrections will help prevent irreversible mistakes with your hair. If you’ve visited the hair coloring aisle often in your life, then you know how easy it is to choose the wrong color and then wish that you had a professional hairstylist do the job for you. If you’ve decided to color your hair yourself or asked a friend to do it for you, here’s what you can expect:


More About Understanding Salon Color Corrections

  • It’s going to take forever to fix. Clear your schedule and settle into your salon chair because you’re in for a long appointment, or at the very least several different appointments. If your hair color did not come out the way you envisioned, several processes have to take place to correct the color. Why? Well because:


  • You may be in for an unwanted haircut. When you've tried to go from a dark hair color to a light hair color, you may inadvertently cause hair damage. Especially if you used bleach to lighten your hair. Using hair remover and bleach to lighten your hair typically means you were trying to create a blank canvas to add yet another layer of hair color for your desired look. All of these processes can strain the quality of your hair so chances are you will need to cut the affected area. Good news is, you’ll have your desired hair color, and it grows back!


  • Sometimes it’s just not possible. If you’ve dyed your hair jet black and then decide you’re bored of it and would like a beautiful platinum color, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. You may have to settle for something close to the lighter color you’re aiming for, and even then it will take several processes to get your hair color close to your goal. There are times where you may have to wait until your hair grows a bit more before it’s processed again to avoid further damage.


Don’t lose your hair trying to dye it over and over assuming that this is one of those times where practice makes perfect. If you’ve attempted a DIY hair color change and it didn’t go as planned, the wisest thing to do is have a professional stylist perform the color correction so that you avoid irreversible damage. Contact us today and let the staff at Lashes and Lace of Charleston, SC help you finally achieve the look you’ve been wanting!