Bridal Party Airbrush Makeup Services - Charleston & Mt. Pleasant SC

What are Bridal Party Airbrush Makeup Services

Airbrush makeup for your wedding day allows your makeup artist to create a timeless look that will have you looking flawless in person and in the pictures that will last a lifetime. The best way to find a customized look that fits your unique style is to schedule a consultation for a trial makeup session. Developing the right look for you will consist of putting together the right shades and colors to blend with the dress, flowers, and your bridal party. Experimenting with various makeup styles will also help you decide how you’d like to wear your hair and accessories.

You can schedule your trial makeup session together with your bridal party or choose to have a day all to yourself in makeup bliss. The trial session will lay down the color palette and style of makeup that will be used on your special day. From lips to lashes, your entire look will be perfectly planned.

Your bridal airbrush makeup services will include:

  • A makeup consult and makeup application on your wedding day. During both sessions, you will receive full makeup application with airbrush foundation and your preferred selection of lashes.
  • On the day of your wedding, you will receive full makeup application with airbrush foundation and eyelashes.
  • Touch-up kit to facilitate reapplication of makeup as needed.

When your goal is to look perfect the entire day of your wedding, airbrush makeup is ideal to provide flawless coverage. It’s hypoallergenic and sanitary, so you don’t have to worry about having a skin breakout. It minimizes your possible skin imperfections while giving your skin a naturally beautiful finished look. Usually, you won’t need a touch-up since it doesn’t rub off and it will stay intact through sweat and tears. Airbrush makeup is water resistant and has the ability to last up to 14 hours or longer.