DIY or Professional Bridal Makeup - Charleston SC

The Difference Between Standard Makeup (DIY) and Professional Bridal Makeup


Professional bridal makeup can be easily looked at as a fight between price range and quality. Every Charleston bride wants to look beautiful, but more importantly, they’d like to be able to afford to look perfect on their wedding day. So how do you accomplish looking flawless on your wedding day in Charleston without breaking the bank? Let’s review The Difference Between Standard Makeup (DIY) and Professional Bridal Makeup.


Using a Professional Makeup Artist in Charleston for Your Wedding


Professional makeup artists use techniques that make you look like a cover model. Yes, it’s easy to watch a video or two online to copycat from, but that won’t help you understand skin tones, textures and what works best for your face shape. Professional makeup artists are trained and well-versed on the best products for your type of skin. They use serums, concealers, primers, and different foundation types to make you look your best.


A professional makeup artist will also have the right tools to provide top quality services like professional brushes, airbrush, sponges, etc. that will deliver a more refined look on your face.


Using a makeup artist will also eliminate common mistakes that people make when trying to apply makeup on their own like keeping your skin moist when applying powders because it is assumed that it will help the makeup stay on longer. However, the exact opposite is true. When applying powder makeup to your skin, it is best that you apply it to dry skin so that it doesn’t stick and become patchy and clumpy.


Applying Standard DIY Makeup for Your Wedding


When you use your own makeup at home, it can quickly become confusing because you don’t know where to begin. Knowing what goes on first and which method to use to apply the makeup makes a world of difference on your overall look. Sometimes searching through dozens of DIY techniques on YouTube can confuse you even more because information may be conflicting from one video to the next. Rather than spend a week or two studying makeup techniques online right before your wedding, it would be more cost effective to trust a professional makeup artist in Charleston who will do it right the first time around.