Perks of Eyelash Extensions - Charleston SC

Understanding the Perks of Eyelash Extensions


 blue eye with bushy lashes and brow close up picture

Eyelashes may be one of the best-kept secrets in the world of beauty. Having long and full lashes help enhance and define your eyes instantly, delivering a modelesque impact to your overall look. Even without wearing any eyeshadow or liner, your luxurious lashes will hold their own in defining your eyes. Unfortunately, we are not all blessed with natural lashes that are dark and full, so we use mascara to give our lashes a boost. Yet sometimes mascara is just not enough, and at times, it will give you raccoon eyes throughout the day. If you’re undecided on whether or not eyelash extensions are for you, here are some Perks of Eyelash Extensions to help you decide.


1. Looking Younger


Making your eyes look bigger and beautiful has become easier with eyelash extensions because they lift your eyes. Children usually have full eyelashes but as we age our hormonal shift tends to make our eyelashes more sparse. Eyelash extensions make our eyes appear younger which in turn rejuvenates our face and helps us look more youthful.


2. No More Piling On The Makeup


One of the biggest perks of eyelash extensions is not needing to wear as much makeup. Cutting down time to get ready before going out is always a plus, so anything that makes your mornings move faster is worth the try. You will appear more awake and put together because of the way the lashes will open up your eyes, and yet it will take way less effort since you won’t need as much makeup.


3. No Raccoon Eyes


You can enjoy just about any movement with your eyelash extensions unlike wearing mascara which runs and smears when you perspire or take part in any watersport. With the lashes, you can still enjoy your favorite workout and go swimming without needing to remove your mascara first. It will be so much better to be able to go to the gym without any makeup on and still look beautiful.


4. Long Lasting


Semi-permanent eyelash extensions will last longer than any artificial eyelashes you may find at a local store. They naturally and gradually fall out over time without any discomfort or pain. If you properly care for your eyelash extensions and use the right tools, they can easily last several weeks and sometimes more.


5. Create Your Own Look


Visiting an experienced eyelash extension expert in Charleston means that you can customize your lashes and create the look you’ve always envisioned. If that means a subtle change to boost your appearance, then that’s what you’ll get! You can also aim for a more voluminous and dramatic look if what you’re looking for is some enhancement to your present appearance. Since eyelash extensions are applied individually to each one of your natural lashes, your eyelash extension specialist in Charleston can mold your eye shape into a beautiful work of art.


If you’ve been contemplating a beauty enhancement by having eyelash extension put in, please call us today and we will help get you on your way to batting your lovely Southern eyes with confidence.