Hair No Nos When It Comes to Your Wedding Day

What NOT To Do With Your Hair On Your Wedding Day


It’s Summertime, and the Charleston wedding bells are starting to ring just about everywhere you go! Having a picture-perfect day will require some professional help, especially when it comes to ensuring that every strand on your head is perfectly in place. Having a great hairstyle with matching eyebrows on your wedding day is every bride’s goal, so it was almost our obligation to make sure you know all of the Hair No Nos When It Comes to Your Wedding Day.  Here’s what not to do!

The Full NO NO list


  1. The way you wear the hair on your head is not the only thing you want looking great on your wedding day so be sure to remember your eyebrows. Do not pluck or tweeze your eyebrows on your wedding day! That’s a no no because you run the chance of irritating the area and making it puffy or red.
  2. Getting eyelash extensions in Charleston is a yes yes but cheap eyebrows that you have to glue on from a local store is an absolute no no! The last thing you need to do is drop a strip of eyelashes while you’re walking down the aisle!
  3. Wearing your hair down and in front of your face is a big wedding no no! You don’t want your hair smudging your makeup or covering your beautiful face. Especially since your guests will be snapping photos of each one of your angles.
  4. Just like you wouldn’t wear a dress you haven’t tried on, you shouldn’t style your hair in a way you’ve never tried on before, especially a new hair cut. When in doubt, go with a classic wedding hairstyle to reduce the risk of hating your look.
  5. DIY hairdos are something to be tried when you’re going on a date not when you’re getting married. All Charleston brides should have professional hair and makeup done on their wedding day. You may want to cut corners on your wedding budget but the one area that affects your entire look and feel on the most important day of your life is not where you want to pinch pennies.


If you’re unsure of your wedding day hair no nos, and you’d like to have a bridal consultation in Charleston, please feel free to contact us so we can make sure every lash and strand is exactly where it needs to be.