Creative Mani-Pedi Ideas for Brides

Creative Mani-Pedi Ideas for Brides

Having your manicure and pedicure look just right on your wedding day in Charleston, SC can make all the difference in your confidence as you pose for your everlasting wedding photos and walk down the aisle. This day was made just for you, and you have been dreaming about it since you were a little girl so be sure to plan the nail look you are aiming for ahead of time so that it matches your ideas for hair and makeup on your wedding day.

Here are some Creative Mani-Pedi Ideas for Brides for you to choose from:

Gel Manicure with Bling


You can go with a gel manicure using neutral colors and silver or diamond accents to compliment your dress or lace accessories. This color scheme coordinates perfectly with the beautiful look of your white dress while still maintaining a touch of luxury in the rhinestones.


Winter Wonderland Nails

Winter weddings don’t have to be about dark colors only; there is always room for light and pretty when it comes to your mani-pedi color scheme. The light blue tones always work well for weddings with a touch of sparkle. This famous “Tiffany & Co” signature color has a bright turquoise hue that compliments any makeup palette you choose for your wedding day.

French Manicure with a Bow


Social media channels have helped provide Creative Mani-Pedi Ideas for Brides with the outpour of nail art images. This image from @GabbyNailArt shows a neat and clean French Manicure with a Bow that has diamond-esque rhinestones embedded inside. This a good way to stay on the classic mani-pedi side while still standing out with the shine of the blinged-out bow.

Chrome French Manicure


Who said a French Manicure always has to include light colors like pink or beige? This Chrome French Manicure adds a unique twist to your overall look. There is a very rich appeal to this combination of silver and platinum, and it may run the risk of grabbing more of your guest’s attention than anything else you’re wearing!

If you need help deciding on the colors and accents for your nails on your wedding day in Charleston, SC, contact us to set up a time to meet with one of our specialists who will help you select the perfect combination to ensure that you stand out on your wedding day.