Grooms and Hair Coloring before the Wedding - Charleston, SC

Hair Coloring For Grooms

It’s not just the brides who get to have the best day of their life on their wedding day! For grooms, too, the day they get married is one that they will never forget. And they want to look their best, too! Regarding hair styling options, men have to think about the cut and style they want, in addition to the color. If you’re a groom and are thinking of changing up your hair color before your wedding, here are a couple things you’ll want to know:

1.    Don’t wait until a few days before your wedding to change your color to something drastic. If you truly want to change it up for your big day, color your hair at least a month before the date. That way, if it doesn’t look as good as you thought it would, there’s still time to change the color or go back to your natural hair.

2.    Though you might think it’s a good idea to surprise your bride with a fun new hair color on your wedding day, it’s best to consult her, and maybe your fellow groomsmen first. You wouldn’t want to regret something as simple as your hair color it when you look back on your wedding photos!


Lashes and Lace Salon & Bridal

At Lashes and Lace, we don’t only cater to brides! If you’re a groom, we offer hair coloring options for you, too! The Lashes and Lace hair salon is a top-rated hair salon and winner of a handful of awards. Our stylists are amongst the best in the Charleston, SC area. We provide a level of service and incredible results that inspire our clients, help them look beautiful and keep them coming back again and again. For professionally done hair styling and coloring for grooms, choose Lashes and Lace! Contact our salon at (843) 388-3073 if you have any questions. To set up an appointment, contact us here