Wedding Makeup Ideas for Brides with Blue Eyes- Charleston, SC

Wonderful Wedding Makeup Ideas for Brides with Blue Eyes

For your wedding, we want you to look your very best. As it is with any fashion trend, certain clothes, accessories, and even makeup compliment some people based on their body type and facial structure better than they would someone else. The shape of your face, curves of your body, and yes, even the color of your eyes contribute to this formula of finding what’s right for you. For brides with blue eyes, here are a few makeup tips that will make your eyes pop!

-       Eyebrows. Having defined eyebrows is a great way to draw attention to your eyes. Make sure to choose a color for your eyebrows that is close to your natural hair color. If you feel like your eyebrows need to be cleaned up, tweeze them or have them professionally done at least two days before your wedding. You wouldn’t want to have bumps or redness around your brows on your big day!

-       Eye Shadow. To make your blue eyes stand out, look for contrasting eye shadow colors like bronze, tan, or brown. Try to avoid going for a dramatic smoky eye look, as it might distract from the natural beauty in your eyes. If you don’t want to stick with natural colors for your wedding day, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little color to your eye shadow! If you want to try blue, find a shade darker than your eye color. If it’s too similar, it might dull your eyes. Turquoise, cobalt, and maybe even a purple color for fall weddings are the recommended colors for blue eyes. As a general rule of thumb, go for matte colors when picking your eye shadow. This way you won’t reflect light and your eyes won’t appear shiny.

-       Mascara and Eyeliner. First things first: it’s better for blue-eyed brides to use brown mascara as opposed to black. The brown will do a better job of making the color stand out. Make sure it’s waterproof and make sure it’s smudge-proof. Use an eyelash curler before and after applying the first coat. A really dark eyeliner will bring out the hues in your eyes, so it’s okay to use a black-colored product. Running a beige eye pencil across your bottom lash line will make your eyes pop even more.


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