Hair Accessories for Brides- Charleston, SC

Hair accessories are a great way to accentuate your wedding outfit. Whether you choose flowers, a headband, or a clip, your wedding hair look will be elegant, stylish, and unlike any other bride’s. Each piece has its own personality and you can choose one that will match both your wedding theme and your personal style. 

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If you’re having a summer wedding, the perfect bridal hair accessory would have to be a flower. Whether you pin one to an elegant up-do or make a crown out of them that will sit on the top of your head, flowers are a great way to bring some natural beauty into your style. Accessorizing with flowers is also a great way to complement your wedding color scheme— or have your wedding color scheme complement you. 



It doesn’t matter if you have your hair up or down, a headband is an excellent option for a hair accessory. There are so many bridal headbands to choose from. You could go for a gold headband with floral and leaf embellishments, a wider, crystal embedded headband, or even a vintage-looking headband with dangling gold chains and crystal accents. Some headbands even look like crowns, and there’s nothing wrong with feeling like royalty on your special day!



If you’re going for a hair accessory that’s subtler, a clip might be best for you. Clips can go underneath a high bun, on top of a low up-do, or even on the side of your head if you’re wearing your hair down. Versatile and always classy, the right clip can make your whole outfit come together. Splurge on a delicate gold and crystal clip to sit atop your bun, a feather-like clip to go behind your ear and hold your hair back, or a brass clip with layers of delicate leaves to sit directly underneath your high bun at the back of your head. 


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