Bridal Hair Styles For Your Summer Wedding

 52328419 - beautiful hairstyle bride with white flower

Your summer wedding is fast approaching, and your plans for the dress, the venue, and your hairstyle are coming together. Should you go long or short? Elegant or casual? Natural or curled, coiffed, and smooth? These are questions you’ll want to ask early and discuss with your stylist ahead of time so your style on your big day lives up to your wedding dreams.

Prepare for Your Appointment

Before you come in to your stylist, begin the same way you probably did when seeking your perfect dress- look through bridal magazines at styles and think about what style you’d prefer and which is likely to suit you and your hair type. Try to keep an open mind and remember that your style will be as unique and beautiful as you are. Be sure to schedule a consultation early, so you’ll have time to experiment with different looks and decide upon the right style for you.

Collect Pictures of Your Ideal Style

The best thing you can do for your stylist is collect photos and images of the looks that most intrigue you. With some idea of the direction you’re heading in, your stylist can better understand the look that will best suit your desires and personal taste. When looking at styles, either online or in magazines, create a folder of your favorites to share with your stylist.

Trust your Stylist

Remember that your stylist is a professional who has created styles for hundreds of brides. She will work with you and listen to what you want, and help you discover the style that best suits your hair, your personal taste, and the wedding. Whether you’re looking for a casual, long style with curls falling naturally around your face, or an elegant updo with a bun, twist or braid, your stylist will work with you to create the look that brings out your natural glow and makes your special day one to remember.