Get the Perfect Spray Tan for Your Wedding

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You’ve worked so hard to ensure that every aspect of your wedding is going to be perfect. You’ve arranged the flowers, the cake, the dress, worked with your esthetician to create the perfect makeup look and your stylist to create a hairstyle that will knock ‘em dead on your big day. All that hard work can leave a girl looking a little pale, though, so now is the time to consider one last preparation for your wedding day- a safe, natural-looking spray-on tan that will give you that hint of a sun-kissed glow.

Preparing For your Spray Tan

You want your spray tan to be even and streak free, so it’s important to do a little prep work before you get sprayed. If you were going to paint your house, you wouldn’t just slap a new coat on over the old, right? Your skin requires preparation, too. Before coming in for your tan, be sure to gently exfoliate your skin with a non-oily, gritty scrub. Be sure to shave or have your waxing appointment well in advance of your tanning session, to ensure that you’re free of any  unwanted hair.

What to Expect

When you come in for your tan, you’ll strip down and be given special lotion to cover areas you don’t want tanned, like the palms of your hands. The solution is applied by an esthetician with an air-brush type tool for an even coating. You’ll need to allow the solution to dry thoroughly and wait overnight before showering. Don’t use any oily lotions after tanning- oils can interfere with the absorption and leave behind streaks and uneven patches. Be sure to bring long-sleeved, loose-fitting clothes to wear home.

The Care and Keeping of your Spray Tan

You should hold off showering for a full 24 hours following your appointment. Avoid heavy exercise or swimming. Once the color has fully set, you can resume your normal activities, but keep in mind that oils and excessive sweating or showering will cause your tan to fade more quickly, as will waxing or shaving. Use a non-oil-based lotion to keep your skin looking youthful and healthy. Most of all, enjoy the attention and admiring looks you’re sure to gather.

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