Bridal Hair & Makeup Trial Run- Why You Need It

Bridal Hair & Makeup Trial Run- Why You Need It

Your big day requires preparation and care. You’ve tried on your dress, had it fitted and adjusted to make sure it will be perfect for your wedding. You’ve taken the time to choose the perfect shoes, the perfect veil, and perfect accessories. Why would you take any less care with your hair and makeup? Trial runs help solidify your final look and ensure that everything is perfect on your big day. 


If you’re going to cut, color, or otherwise change your hair, you’ll want to do so well in advance of the wedding, and allow for time for a final styling before the big day. Your artist needs time to perfect your style and ensure that you get the look you’re aiming for. If you’ve had a trial run, you know what your final look is like and you know your hair will cooperate in falling into place with the style you’ve chosen. A trial run helps ensure that the look you found in a magazine or on a website that you thought looked fabulous on the model still works when applied to your own hair. 


Choosing your pallete is an important part of your overall wedding day look. Your artist is skilled at choosing the correct colors for your skin tone and desired level of formality, but she will need time to experiment with the look you want. Communication is key, and showing your artist several pictures of the look you’d like to emulate helps ensure you get the perfect makeup for your big day. A trial run gives you time to experiment with different looks and get the one you want. 

Give Yourself Time

Schedule your hair and makeup trials well in advance of the wedding itself, but not more than 3-4 weeks in advance, to allow time for changes to your plan or look. Those final weeks will fly by in a whirl of activity, so be sure to allow plenty of time for facials, tanning, hair appointments, and waxing. We work with you to ensure your big day goes smoothly. Schedule your appointment today.