Wedding Details You Shouldn’t Overlook

Wedding Details You Shouldn’t Overlook

Planning the perfect wedding can seem impossible. With all of the details and preparing that go into wedding prep, it’s not hard to overlook some key elements. We understand that you can get wedding brain fog and forget some details here and there, but there are definitely some aspects you’ll regret if forgotten. Here’s a list of wedding details that are commonly overlooked, but that you should be sure to include when planning your wedding.

1. Directions

Providing directions both before and during your wedding are important, so you don’t get hounded with a bunch of questions on where everything is. When you send your “Save the Date” card to your guests, include a map or some tips on how to find the venue easily. The last thing you’ll want on the morning of your wedding is to be fielding phone calls from your lost guests. Another way to incorporate directions in your wedding is by displaying decorative signs at the venue. This way your guests will know where the bathroom is or how to find their way to the photobooth. This detail will save you time and also create a better experience for your friends and family.

2. Gifs for your parents and new in-laws

After carefully choosing what you want on your wedding gift registry, it’s essential to start thinking about gifts to give both your parents and in-laws. Both parents most likely helped with the costs and planning of the wedding, and giving them a thoughtful gift is a great way to show your gratitude as a couple. There are plenty of thank-you gift ideas for parents that will really make them happy!

3. Bridal getting ready outfits

As you and your bridal party primp and prep for the big day, a fun detail to include are outfits specifically for getting ready. For example, your bridal party can all wear matching robes and you can wear a white robe as your hair and makeup are getting done. This will make for a great photo-op too!

4. Wedding emergency kit

Creating a wedding emergency kit can truly save you from whatever the day throws at you. Whether it’s a stain, a headache, or your makeup begins to run, this kit serves as a quick fix for any potential problems. Including items like deodorant, band-aids, and makeup wipes can really help.

5. Activities for kids

If you decide to have a kid-friendly wedding, you need to make sure you have an agenda of activities to keep them busy. You won’t want a child disrupting your wedding ceremony because he or she couldn’t sit still. Have your ushers hand out coloring books and crayons for the children, and even provide games during the reception for them to play. Having activities planned for the kids at your wedding is a detail nobody will want you to overlook.

6. Having a good beauty routine in advance

Thinking about your beauty routine close to the wedding will be too little too late. You want to get into a good beauty skin care regimen about six months prior to your wedding. This will allow the products to actually show results and prevent any negative skin reactions that can occur when introducing a new skin care product to your routine. Products like activated vitamin C serums, prescription retinoids and eye creams all take time to work and show a noticeable difference in your skin. Be sure to plan your beauty routine ahead of time so that you can have beautiful skin in time for your wedding.