Best Bridal Hairstyles for Long Hair

One of the wonderful things about having long hair is that when you need a special hairstyle for a most special occasion, you have many bridal hairstyles from which to choose. The catch, of course, is that you can pick just one. Don’t let the limitless array of bridal hairstyles overwhelm you. We’ve compiled this compact list help you narrow down your choices. 

From classic to modern, these five best bridal hairstyles for long hair will help you mark off one more item on your list of wedding details. 


1. Ballerina Bun

A very classic look, the ballerina bun - aka donut bun or sock bun - is an excellent go-to, especially if you are a no-fuss bride. This beautiful look is also reliable for allowing you to dance the night away without your hair falling in your face.

2. Alternative Bows

Among the many bridal hair accessories that are trending right now, embellished hair bows are a great throwback for your wedding day. Although bows are generally regarded as a sweet accent, you can embellish your bow to best fit your personality and stray away from traditional white by choosing a black velvet bow for elegance or a loosely tied bow with tiny flowers.  

3. Half-Up Twist

Steering away from updo bridal hairstyles, the half-up twist allows you to have the best of both worlds by allowing you to showcase your flowing tresses without them falling in your face. This half-up style is basically a ponytail flipped inside out and is one of the most popular bridal hairstyles for long hair. Loose curls with this look will add extra volume and texture.


4. Retro-Inspired Waves

A classically feminine look for your wedding day can also include brushed-out waves. Think Brigitte Bardot with a wide satin hair band or wispy bangs. This look can be dressed down and easily incorporated into your day look as well. There are plenty of online tutorials about how to brush out curly hair to make it wave softly or to create soft curls with straight hair.


5. Straight and Sleek

Who says all bridal hairstyles have to show off waves? Lustrous straight hair is beautiful in its own right, leaving other details - such as vibrant blue eyes or long, thick lashes - to shine even more. Choosing to go straight and sleek will keep your look modern and simple, and you can always accessorize the look to make it more fashion-forward.

It’s never too early to start experimenting with your bridal hairstyle, and Lashes and Lace is here to help you get the wedding ‘do that is spot on for you. We would love to hear from you just as soon as you’re ready to plan your bridal hairstyle for long hair!