Creating Your Handmade Personal Wedding

Personalized Bridal Gifts

What better way to show appreciation for your guests, as well as to remind them of your beautifully handcrafted wedding, than with personalized bridal gifts? From stemless wine cups to silky robes for pre-wedding lounging, you can provide individualized gifts that are practical while still reminding your bridesmaids of your sincere gratitude for their presence on your special day.

A Scented Touch

With essential oils and the use of emotion-inducing aromas trending, you’ll be on the cutting of edge of design by adding some scented elements to your wedding. One way to infuse the air with reminiscent and pleasing scents is with an essential oil diffuser. Another way to fill your venue with inviting aromas, along with a warm glow, is through the use of scented candles.

Handmade Wedding Favors

Providing handmade wedding favors for your friends and family will give them something to take home as well as show them your handcrafted appreciation for their attendance on your big day. Succulents are really popular these days, so potting them up in tiny terracotta pots or metal buckets for guests provides them a trendy keepsake.

Handmade Wedding Decorations

Here are a few inspirational ideas for handmade wedding decorations:

  • Jars of LED Lights - This is a very simple way to provide character to the lighting at your wedding. You just need Mason jars and strings of LED lights to provide a rustic and whimsical touch to the ambiance.

  • Rope-Entwined Vases - By purchasing rope at your local home improvement store, you can repurpose containers of your choice to be used as vases. Be it wine bottles, Mason jars, or glass soda bottles, you can entwine them with rope to give them a unique look.

  • Spray-Painted Branches - In lieu of flowers, or even incorporated with them, you can spray-paint branches to match the color palette of your wedding and add them to your centerpieces for an interesting structural element.

  • Floral Balloon Tails - Depending on the florals and greenery you choose, using hanging garland balloon tails as handmade wedding decorations can add whimsy or elegance to your wedding design. You can even spray paint greenery to add a little sparkle.

DIY Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations will be the first impression of what your guests can expect from attendance at your wedding. Sending out handmade invitations provides a symbol of your dedication to setting a tone of gratitude and thoughtfulness for your special day. There are plenty of online, print-it-yourself templates for DIY wedding invitations. In addition, you can embellish invites with stamps, buttons, leaves, fabric, and much more.

Creating your own handmade wedding doesn’t just save you money. Handcrafted elements are a great symbol of appreciation to your beloved guests. After all your hard work, maybe you can opt for the bridal professionals at Lashes and Lace to come to you and create your fabulous hair and makeup look, as you relax and enjoy one of the biggest days of your life.