Bringing the Outdoors In for Your Wedding

Have you fallen in love with an indoor venue? Do you really want a church wedding, but still want an earthy vibe? Do not worry because bringing plants, water, and even the sky indoors for the big day is a great way to have the best of both worlds. The great thing about this approach is that you can get creative with every aspect of your wedding. Here are six ways to bring the outdoors in for your nature-inspired wedding.

Natural Look for the Bride

Before we get into all the countless ways to create an outdoors-in wonderland for your wedding, don’t forget that you need a natural look, too! There are ways to apply makeup using earthy tones, with a minimal amount of glitz, that will give you a naturally radiant look for your wedding.

Nature-Inspired Cake

Your wedding cake might not be the first place you think of when thinking of bringing the outdoors in, but if you’re going the earthy vibes for indoor wedding route, there are ways to include the cake, too. Forget flowers made from icing, and try edible flowers. Edible flowers, like pansies, come in many bright colors to contrast with a white or champagne bride’s cake. Greenery, like mint leaves, look great for the groom’s chocolate cake too! Yummy and outdoorsy!

Hanging Floral Lighting

How about hanging floral spheres with lighting above the tables in lieu of centerpieces? This would leave room on the tables for other, less traditional, nature-inspired features. You could also have a myriad of the same above the dance floor for ambient lighting at the reception. It’s just another way for your nature-inspired wedding to shine on in the hearts of your guests.

Succulents, Succulents, Succulents

Succulents are big this year, and they are so versatile you can take them anywhere! There are countless varieties that offer tons of different natural colors and textures. You can even provide small potted succulents as wedding favors.

Tree Bark

Incorporating tree bark into your wedding decor may sound a little too messy, but there are ways to use the textures and natural colors to enhance your organic wedding theme. Smaller tree trunks can be hollowed at the top to hold candles, and remember you will have all that room on the tables due to the use of hanging florals? Larger tree trunks can be cut into discs, hollowed in the middle, and work as shallow planters for low-growing greenery.

Nature Sounds

Bringing the outdoors in for your wedding doesn’t have to stop with visual touches. You can incorporate nature sounds, as well. Imagine your guests arriving before the ceremony to mingle amidst the sound of chirping birds, gentle rain, or waterfalls. What a great way to round out all the visual nature-inspired elements around them.

There are tons of ideas when it comes to intertwining natural colors and sounds at your wedding, as well as natural textures and edible plants. Your indoor wedding space will be transformed into an outdoor wonderland.