Getting Married on the Beach: What You Need To Know

A gorgeous beach seems like the perfect place to host a wedding. The relaxing, spacious setting combined with natural beauty makes for a calm atmosphere and unique experience. But before you trade in your heels for sandals, there are special considerations you should make before you start setting up an altar on the sand.

Make Sure the Beach Is Private

Just because you're having a wedding on a beach doesn't make it private. It’s nearly impossible to secure a public beach. If you don't have beachfront of your own, ask permission to use a private beach, like those owned by hotels or resorts. You'll have to meet whatever terms the owners establish, but it's the best option to keep others from accidentally crashing an event.

Provide Sunscreen For Guests

Whether you choose to have all activities outdoors or just the ceremony itself, everyone involved will want some form of sun protection to minimize discomfit and damage from sun exposure. Give a gentle reminder in your invitations for guests to apply sunscreen. However, you can take preparations a step further by proving some at the event itself. Not only is it a kind gesture, but it can also leave a good impression on guests.

Think About Your Attire

Everyone knows how to dress for a wedding, but beach weddings aren't exactly traditional. Accounting for the weather and environment means reconsidering what everyone wears. Guests will have an easier time adapting to beach wedding attire (shorts, short sleeves, and hats), but the bride and groom may have a hard time detaching themselves from the idea of luxurious suits and dresses. It's not impossible to have a beautiful beach wedding in traditional attire, but special accommodations should be made for trailing dresses, clothing material, accessories, and other items.

Hold the Ceremony During the Daytime

Most couples who choose to hold a wedding on the beach do so for the photography. Between the crystal waters and the clear blue skies, beaches make a unique backdrop for any wedding. However, once the sun goes down, many photo ops go with it. Perhaps just as concerning is the beach temperature drop, which is amplified by being close to the water. If you complete the ceremony and photography in the afternoon, all memories will be captured and you won't have to unexpectedly move activities inside.

As you're planning your beach wedding, consider the changes you may have to make for a wedding by the waves.  Take every measure you can to ensure everyone is comfortable and that the event itself is timed appropriately for its outdoors setting. If you make all preparations necessary to keep everyone happy and comfortable, your beach wedding will be a memorable experience.

Are you ready to create your dream wedding? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts, especially for your hair and makeup needs! You want to look your best on your wedding day, after all.