Awapuhi Intensive Treatments - Charleston SC

Awapuhi Intensive Treatments

Have you ever heard of Awapuhi treatments? Better yet, do you know what they are and how often you should get one? Awapuhi intensive treatments are best for those who are experiencing dry and damaged hair that seems unmanageable. Hair that may be left in a vulnerable state after coloring and excessive hair product use will benefit greatly from an Awapuhi intensive treatment. This is a keratin treatment that should be done no more than once every few months, as it helps rebuild hair that has been damaged from heat, over styling, the elements, too much shampoo and conditioning. You name it – this is your cure-all for lackluster locks.

Regular Awapuhi Treatments

You don’t have to sit there and stress out anymore, about your bad hair days, you can enjoy beautiful and luscious locks that last! Treat yourself and your hair to Awapuhi intensive treatments on a regular basis to ensure that your hair remains strong, shiny, and very manageable. Have you ever left the salon and said to yourself that you wish your hair would just stay the way it did when the professionals were done styling it? Now you have the opportunity with the Awapuhi intensive treatments.

Good for All Types of Hair

Each and every strand of your hair will be hugged and penetrated with keratin and sealed with the heat prior to you leaving the salon. One of the greatest things about this particular type of hair treatment is that it is great for all different hair types. No matter the condition of your hair, how quickly it grows or the density of it – the look and feel from the Awapuhi intensive treatment will be greatly noticed and loved by all. 

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