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Is Wearing a Wig for My Wedding Acceptable



The short answer is, absolutely. It is your day, and you can have whatever hair style you desire. They are doing so much with wigs these days, you just have to determine the style you want to wear, with or without your veil, and you can wear your wig just as you envisioned. 

The Up Do or Pin Up

Many women like to wear their hair pinned up or back in different styles on their wedding day. If you decide to wear your wig for your wedding and you want an updo or pin back, a lace front wig or regular wig where you can leave your edges out will probably work best.  The lace front works because of how natural it looks in the front and the versatility of it. Many celebrities are currently wearing their lace front wigs in high side ponytails and top-knots. There are a few wigs that come already pinned up so all you have to do is put it on and then add your head piece if you are wearing one.

Wearing Your Wig Down

If you want to wear your wig down in a loose style such as a long messy side braid or in a Greek goddess style, that is extremely doable. There are wigs that are made of human hair so you can curl them if you desire. There are also wigs that come with the hair already curly, so you can just leave it the way it is or do some pinning here and there if you like. The most important part about wearing a wig for your wedding is pinning it to your hair correctly so it doesn’t move throughout the ceremony, pictures, and reception. Also, if you are going to wear your wig with the hair down and loose, remember the hair can get sweaty if you are in a warm location or if you are going to be doing a lot of dancing at the reception.

It is true that there is a wig for every occasion, and just like there is a perfect dress for your wedding there is a perfect wig. You just have to find it. 

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