Facts About Destination Weddings | Charleston SC

What You Need to Know About Destination Weddings


Have you ever heard of a destination wedding before? They are gaining more popularity as time progresses but many still have unanswered questions about what they are, and what goes into planning one. If you are looking for a technical definition of what a destination wedding is – basically it is a wedding that will take place about 200 or more miles away from where the couple actually resides, or it could be a couple hours’ drive time away from where the couple is from originally. The one thing that all destination weddings do have in common is travel time, group hotels stays, a lot of planning over the Internet and phone, as well as an agenda that covers a few days.

Factors to Consider

There are a few important factors to consider if a destination wedding is something that you are planning, and that includes, but is not limited to: the amenities offered by the hotel/resort, costs, and of course the weather. The costs associated, will be all of the accruing costs from the couple being married, hotel stay for them and all guests and what the guests would be expected to pay as well. Depending on your budget – will determine how extravagant this wedding can be.

Check the Weather

Weather does greatly affect a ceremony especially if the couple chooses an outdoor venue, and it can affect the next day’s plans as well. It is always good to check out the weather forecast so you can plan accordingly.  

The average budget these days for a destination wedding is about $22,000 plus and that is for a smaller sized wedding. The larger the wedding, the more guests and the more extravagant the venue – you can expect to pay more money. Many couples are choosing to utilize exotic or fun locations for their destination – this allows for a fun and memorable event that people will talk about for years to come. Just because you would think everyone want to enjoy the beach and sand – doesn’t mean that you are limited to choosing this for your destination wedding. Many enjoy going to places like British Columbia and New Zealand – the choice is yours!