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Facts All About Natural Makeup

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Let’s face it, we all like to feel beautiful, make ourselves up a little to boost confidence and face the world…but are we considering the damage that makeup can cause to our skin? While convenience is always great – do you ever stop to read all the chemicals and ingredients that are normally in makeup? Probably not, but we really should consider this. Just like switching up to organic and locally grown foods, we can do the same with skin care, hair care, and makeup products. There are numerous benefits to be had and trust me…your body will thank you. You will notice changes that never once crossed your mind before – never mind the fact that it’s great to use natural resources for many other reasons!

Absorption Rate

Our skin is actually quite amazing – it has an innate ability to absorb applied products, sometimes completely into the bloodstream. For those who apply lotion daily, did you know that the skin will absorb close to 30 pounds of it in about 60 years’ time? That is a little crazy to think about isn’t it? For this reasoning alone, we should consider utilizing natural products to ensure that there is no long lasting, damaging effects from the use of others products.

Undeniable Facts About Natural Makeup

Using natural makeup is ecofriendly. No more relying on aluminum, petroleum, lead – we don’t need the stuff on our skin, why contribute to the mining of these products by purchasing ‘regular’ makeup products?

No more harsh chemicals! While some harsh chemicals are wonderful at revealing that rejuvenating, fresh and shiny look that people desire – you can achieve this with natural products and a healthy diet. Those effects are merely temporary and aren’t we aiming for longevity? Many of the harsh chemicals used in other makeup causes long term damage that is irreversible, like sagging and droopy skin, wrinkles, etc.

Natural Fragrances that derive from plants and reduce allergic reactions. Many of the scented products are actually a mixture of chemicals that can cause allergic reactions with your skin and respiratory system. With natural makeup, you don’t really have to worry about this anymore never mind the fact that you are making your skin feel smooth and look great with minimal effort. All natural makeup is jam packed full of nutrients that are healthy for you and your body, while helping slow down the aging process. 

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