Questions To Ask Your Hair Stylists

Our Lashes & Lace hair stylists are trained and experienced in providing quality, trendy hair styles our clients love. If you're thinking about getting a new look, visit our new Mt. Pleasant salon and be sure to ask our stylists any questions you may have. Inspired by 5 Questions To Ask Your Hairdresser Before The Cut by

Styling Everyday

A lot of men and women do not want to style their hair every day. More power to you if you wake up early and actually do it, but not everyone can. If you're worried about if your new hairstyle will need to be styled every day, definitely ask our Mt. Pleasant stylist.


Actual length of your hair and how short it looks after it's been dried and styled are different. If you'd like it to be a certain length when styled - be sure to tell your stylist. That may result in fewer inches being cut.


A Question As Old As Time: "Will I be able to pull it back in a ponytail?" Pulling your hair back is one of the top questions we get. If you're cutting you're hair shorter, make sure you discuss your need for a ponytail with your stylist.


Some haircuts need a bit more maintenance than others. Always ask your hairdresser how often you'll need to come in and get up-keep trims. If you don't want to have to keep coming back, then ask about a haircut that requires less maintenance.


Sometimes our clients want a new style, but your current look is a bit to short to make the style work. Talk with our stylists about the desired style, and they can help you figure out if you want to wait and let your hair grow out a little bit.

Appointments Available in Mt. Pleasant Hair Salon

Schedule an appointment today with one of our talented hair stylists to get your style questions answered and a new look. We offer cuts, coloring, conditioning treatments, waxing, eyelash extensions, spray tans and so much more in our Mt. Pleasant salon.

Our new hair salon is located in Mt. Pleasant at the entrance to Rivertowne at 1901 Hwy 41 Unit 101. Call 843-388-3073 to book your salon appointment or message us on Facebook.