Make-Up for Your Summer Wedding – Charleston, SC

Who hasn’t dreamed of a summer wedding? Sun, breezes, perhaps an outdoor venue with the lush hues of summer providing a glorious backdrop for photographs. It all adds up to a romantic fantasy. The downside of summer weddings is the heat, the perspiration, and the risk of a makeup meltdown to spoil the day. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to avoid disaster during your summer wedding and have beautiful looking make-up for your summer wedding.

Don’t Overdo It 

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First and foremost, consider the look you’re going for. Heavy, caked makeup doesn’t look good in any weather. Fortunately, experienced cosmetologists like those you’ll meet at the Lashes & Lace salon, understands how to apply the correct products for your skin type and for the weather.  Airbrushing provides a lighter application than traditional makeup, and may provide a longer-lasting look for your summer wedding.

Consider Lash Extensions

Your special day is a time to shine, and a time to highlight your best features. Lash extensions take a mere one and a half hours to apply, and last up to 4 weeks. They give your eyes a naturally beautiful highlight and really make your overall look pop. Far more durable than the glue-on false lashes from the drug store, extensions look and feel natural and look amazing.

Treat Your Skin Right

You’ll want to schedule your facial, and any tinting services, well in advance of your wedding day, to ensure that your skin will look fresh and radiant. Talk to us about brow and eyelash tinting, and our relaxing facial massage services. Pamper your skin, and prepare to put your best face forward, no matter what makeup pallet you choose for your wedding day.