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Photographs You Must Get On Your Wedding Day


Gathering the best images of your wedding day can be pretty tricky but planning the photographs you must get on your wedding day ahead of time, will help you create everlasting picture perfect memories.


To capture the magic of your wedding day, here are some pictures you’ll want to include:


Getting Ready





There is something to be said about off-guard pictures of both the bride and groom getting ready for the biggest day of their lives. Of course, the two of you will be getting ready separately but pictures of the bride getting the final hair and makeup touches as she looks away from the camera as if she is thinking about the great years that await her, is one moving image.


Bridal Portrait





A pose worth a thousand words for every Charleston bride is the infamous Bridal Portrait. Having flawless hair and makeup while you show off your beautiful wedding gown is something every Southern girl has dreamt of all her life. This pose is something that merits the front cover of the most fashionable wedding magazine.


The First Look





If you’ve ever heard about this very talked about “first look” photo, then you know that this is the first instance the bridal party and the parents of the bride get to see the bride transformed from the little girl who used to dress up and pretend she was getting married. Now she stands before them in a real veil and immaculate hair and makeup rather than hanging curtains from her head as she hums “here comes the bride” around the house.  


While your hair and makeup will not last a lifetime, your wedding pictures will. It is so important to visualize exactly what you want to remember about your special day so that the only thing you have to focus on is being happy and beautiful on your wedding day. Contact us at Lashes and Lace of Charleston SC so we can plan your poses and photographs you must get on your wedding day.