Professional and Affordable Waxing Services

When you find yourself in Charleston, know that professional waxing that is affordable, safe, and catered to your needs is just around the corner. Whether you need a Brazilian wax for the perfect island getaway, or pampering packages for your bridesmaids, you’ll find what you need in the Holy City. We specialize in a variety of affordable and professional waxing services to ensure that you are ready for any event. We help bring out the confidence you already have with profession waxing services and packages tailored specifically to you.

When choosing a waxing spa, you want to know that you will be met with professionalism, especially in such an intimate setting. You also need to know that they follow safety protocol, and that they offer unique ways to personalize the service for you. From pre-wedding pampering to seasonal waxes, Lashes and Lace has been offering safe, affordable, and professional waxing services to Charleston and surrounding areas for years. We are ready to use our extensive experience and knowledge to serve all of your hair-removal needs. 

Lashes and Lace

Lashes and Lace is the place you want to be for wedding-focused pampering, including full body waxing in Charleston, SC, and bride- and groom-to-be facials. The prices here can’t be beat, especially considering the thoroughness and professionalism offered. It’s the perfect place for transformation before the big day for everyone in the wedding party.

Some of the waxing services that we offer include:

  • Brow Wax

  • Lip Wax

  • Full Face Wax

  • Bikini Wax

  • Brazilian Wax

  • Back Wax

  • Underarm Wax

  • Full Leg Wax

  • Half Leg Wax

  • Full Arm Wax

  • Half Arm Wax

  • Lash Tent

  • Brow Tent

Check out our Spa Services page for our waxing services pricing.

As with any personal services you seek, you want your waxing spa to provide you with a personalized experience that fits your unique needs as well as making you feel comfortable and at ease. We take all of these idea into account when serving you, and our services are just a short drive away no matter where you are in Charleston. And if you’re planning a wedding or need specialized services for your big day, consider the team at Lashes and Lace