This Season's Wedding Trends

Wedding trends change from year to year and from season to season. From dresses to the overall look of your wedding, it’s hard to keep track of what’s in style and what isn’t. Here are a few wedding features that are currently trending. 

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Traditionally, the bride’s wedding dress is white, elegant, and long. With fashion trends constantly changing, there’s no telling where the style of your wedding dress might end up. In 2016, some dress features are more stylish than others. For example, long sleeves are coming back. Usually lace, these sleeves are somewhat traditional, but also capture visual interest. Another feature of wedding dresses you will often see are plunging necklines. Dresses that show off your shoulders and chest are widely popular among brides today. Feathers are another aspect of wedding dresses that brides are loving. Make a bridal statement with a dress that uses feathers to add dimension and fun to your wedding. 

The Look

You want your guests to enjoy and remember your wedding for years to come. This is why couples nowadays are using metallics, lighting, and destination wedding ideas to spice up their special day. Metallics are incredibly versatile and can be used to make your wedding elegant, whimsical, ethereal, or even natural. Use glitzy golds to pop out room decor at a black-tie wedding or copper lanterns at an outdoor reception or on a rustic tablescape. Wedding lighting is the best and simplest way to establish both a romantic and intimate environment. Use pendant lights with bare “Edison” bulbs, chandeliers (both vintage and modern) and candelabras to cast a soft glow. Lastly, couples are using images and aspects from destinations, their hometowns, their alma maters, and places important to them to decorate their wedding. For example, if you got engaged in Paris, bring in vintage street lamps to light the reception, have Edith Piaf songs playing during dinner and use bistro signage for the bar. 

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