How To Keep Your Hair Under Control In Charleston's Humidity

Heat and humidity are some of the only downsides to a Charleston summer. The high humidity can wreak havoc on your look and many women can't avoid it. Humidity causes hydrogen bonds to form between the proteins of your hair, resulting in frizz, curls, and waves. Avoid the frizz and tame your mane with proper hair care and treatments. We offer hair styling, cuts, colors, and treatments at our new salon in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Embrace The Wave

Sometimes, all you can do is accept defeat but you don't have to look like you have. You can use styling products to play up your humidity-caused curls into something you looked like you really wanted! We carry all kinds of styling products and the expert staff can help you pick out what you need for your unique hair type and humidity issues.

Moisturizing Treatments

While it may seem counterintuitive, moisturizing your hair can help fight the effects of humidity. Dry hair is more susceptible to humidity and frizzes more than moisturized, healthy hair. Leave-in conditioners, moisturizing treatments, and moisturizing products are available at our Mt. Pleasant salon.

  • Awapuhi - deep repair of dry, damaged hair
  • Deep Conditioning - leave in solution for dry hair

Layered Hair Cuits

Layered cuts can not only enhance natural waves and curls, but also minimize frizz. Get the best cuts from our expert stylists in the salon.

When All Else Fails...

Loose braids and sleek ponies are on trend for this summer. You won't look like a mess if you pull your hair back, we promise!

Schedule Your Appointment In Mt. Pleasant

Beat the humidity by visiting our hair stylists at the new Mt. Pleasant hair salon. We can help you figure out your style and humidity game-plan. 

The new Lashes & Lace hair salon and bridal lounge is located at the front of Rivertowne at 1901 Hwy 41 Unit 101 in Mt. Pleasant, 29464 (next to Toffino's).

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