Wedding Hairstyles for Brides with Round Faces- Charleston, SC

The Best Wedding Hairstyles for Brides with Round Faces

Just how different body types look better in different types of clothes, certain hairstyles suit various face types. For a bride with a square face, her hair will probably look best styled down or in a high bun. Women with oval faces are lucky enough to be able to pull of almost any hairstyle. If you have a round face, there are flattering styling options for you, too! Round faces are characterized by soft features, cheekbones that that are about the same length as your face, and cute, chubby cheeks. If you have a round face like Emma Stone, Kirsten Dunst, or Cameron Diaz, and aren’t sure how to style your hair for your wedding, here are a few flattering options for you!

1.    High-Volume Up-Do. By adding volume to your hair at the crown of your head, you can elongate your face for a slimming effect. Height and volume in your hair are the most flattering features of women with round faces!

2.    Curled Hair Left Down. Again, volume is important when styling for a round face. By leaving your hair down and adding curls or waves below the chin, you can achieve an elegant, flattering look for your wedding.

3.    The Pouf. You can wear a voluminous pouf behind side swept bangs or further back on your head. This style works with pretty much any type of long hair or hair accessory.

4.    Side Hairstyles. Angles produce a slimming effect on your face. Keep your hair styled down over one shoulder or gather it all into a side ponytail, bun, or up-do.

5.    Side Swept Bangs. Bangs can also be swept to the side to create a contrasting angle and a cute, chic look. Even if you don’t have bangs, a stylist can create the illusion of having them by gathering your hair into an up-do and pulling hair from the front to rest on the side of your face.


General Tips

With round faces, there are so many beautiful hairstyling options, but there are a few styles you should try to avoid. Tightly pulled back hair and center parts aren’t the best choices for round faces. Also try to avoid frontal bangs and bangs with little to no bounce. Otherwise, the style you choose to rock on your wedding day should be whatever you feel best in!


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